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The Last Watch » Repost from @nocrackedspines


Book Haul!

This past weekend I picked up The Last Watch by @jsdewes at my local Barnes and Noble! I’m excited to finally have this one in my hands! After reading the description I knew I wanted to read this story! It’s been absolutely fun getting back into some sci-fi lately. Sci-Fi was one of the biggest reasons I got in reading as a kid.

Although I won’t be reading it right away, I will be reading it along side Dune in July! I figured I would make that my month for Sci-Fi with the large read along happening here! If you haven’t seen or heard about that check out my Dune post on May 11th or shoot me a message for details!

Now for a little reading update!

I have a lot of Fantasy lined up from now until July! I’m nearing half way on Blood of Ravens by @jenmac600 and I’m picking up The Waste Lands by Stephen King and Stormfire by @jasmineyoungofficial right away in June!

How is your May TBR looking? Did you get through all of the books you wanted to read?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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