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The Last Watch » Repost from @catsandbookstacks

These cats 🤣🤣

Thanks so much to @catsandbookstacks for including The Last Watch as one of their favorite 2021 reads!

#Repost from @catsandbookstacks


📚 Some 2021 Favs 📚

✨ Predictive Text:

I was wondering ______.

🎄 I had tried to take a full family photo for Christmas and it was just not happening with the kitties.

So here 2021 favourites stacks from my husband and I! Honestly, my top reads would probably be a list of 20-25 books so these were just the ones I had on hand or was able to borrow from the library on short notice.

🖤 Alyssa's Favourites

Pretty Girls @karinslaughterauthor

The Heart Principle @hhoangwrites

The Last Watch @jsdewes

The Ghosts of Thorwald Place @powerlibrarian

The Daevabad Trilogy @sachakrabooks

Dark Age @piercebrownofficial

💜 Andrew and Alyssa's Favourites

Beneath Black Sails series @claresager

Project Hail Mary - Andy Weir

Scythe @nealshusterman

The Poppy War @kuangrf (Andrew hasn't read past book 1 yet)

✨ I was wondering why I am a mood. 🤣




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