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The Last Watch is 5 Years Old!

Swipe for nostalgia ➡️

5 years ago today (8/22/16) I sat down at this picnic table with this laptop, referenced this disjointed, misspelled, shockingly accurate concept note from my iPhone, then opened a new Scrivener document and began writing The Last Watch! (Which at the time, was called The Divide.)

Never in a million years would I have thought that 5 years later it’d be out in the world, PLUS its sequel! 🤯 I’m so proud of both books & this world & characters who snuck up on me and are now living rent free in my heart forever. 💜

Keep writing, friends!! 🙌🚀

(I knew the first chapter hadn’t changed a lot, but man those opening lines are basically identical 😂😂)


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