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The Last Watch Fan Cast from @MyChaoticShelf

Ahh, it’s a fan cast for The Last Watch! 🤩 How’s this compare to what you have in mind?? After the D&D movie especially, that Cavalon casting is *chef’s kiss* 🤣 I love seeing this stuff, it’s fascinating to see what different readers take away from the characters & text! Thanks so much to @mychaoticshelf for sharing! 🙌 #Repost from @mychaoticshelf ・・・ The Last Watch by @jsdewes was original and FUN and a true, action-packed science-fiction adventure. Full review to come, but enjoy this fan cast I’ve had in my head since I started reading this book! 🤩🫣😆 PLEASE NOTE: these depictions are not canon with the character descriptions in the original story. They are simply what my lil’ ole brain envisioned. Enjoy!


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