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The Exiled Fleet » Repost from @NicolSharingStories

A clip from chapter 2 of The Exiled Fleet audiobook featuring co-narrator Nicol Zanzarella! 🎧 I was able to listen to this bad boy early and it’s SO GREAT you guys! High-fives to everyone involved! 🙌


The FLEET has Arrived!!! Congratulations @jsdewes !!!! Couldn’t be happier to have been a part of this with my brother in audiobooks, @andreweiden - and so grateful to @pjochlan #LeptonProductions and @macmillan.audio for pairing us all up for this incredible ride. You deserve all of the praise @jsdewes! Happy Release Day!! #Audiobooks #SciFi #SpaceOpera —— full sample on my website and ID in comments.


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