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The Exiled Fleet » Repost from @drop.everything.and.read

Sequel Stack! 📚🤩


Uhhh so I definitely stole the idea of a #SequelStack from somebody but I have no idea who 😅 so few free to steal it from me!

ANYWAY the theme of this stack is “sequels I’ve actually read” because let’s face it, I’m good at buying books and bad at reading them 🙃

🧽Terminal Alliance - sequel to Terminal Uprising (the third book comes out this summer!)

🌌Sisters of the Forsaken Stars - sequel to Sisters of the Vast Black

🐌The Expert System’s Champion - sequel to The Expert System’s Brother (these books just get progressively weirder!)

🤖Artificial Condition - sequel to All Systems Red (if I have to explain this, how did you even get here?)

🪐How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge - sequel to How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse

🚀The Exiled Fleet - sequel to The Last Watch (if you thought I wasn’t gonna use this opportunity to mention my favorites, you were woefully naïve!)








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