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The Divide » Repost from @joshuas_space

Many thanks to the very kind @joshuas_space for inviting me to chat on his podcast last August! ✨ The podcast has tons of awesome SFF authors & topics for your earballs—check it out here!


J. S. Dewes (@jsdewes) will be the fourth guest on my podcast!

The release date for this episode is July 25th!

The Last Watch is the first installment in The Divide Series - Space Opera meets Military SciFi. The Exiled Fleet is book 2, and book 3 is set to come out next year! Along with Rubicon, a novel set in a different universe that is more Military SciFi. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for both these books to come out next year!!!

You can subscribe to my podcast via the link in my profile!


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