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The Divide Dream Cast!

By popular demand (ok like 3 people) it’s my own dream cast for The Divide! 🚀✨⁠

How do these compare to what you imagined? Share your yea/nays & own picks below!⁠

Thanks to @mychaoticshelf for the inspiration! 😊 ⁠


William Gardiner
William Gardiner
Jun 21, 2023

Idris Elba and Taika Waititi are wonderful castings for sure. Not entirely sold on Gal. I think Jake easily embodies Cavalon. He was great in Limitless. I'm not familiar with the rest, other than Anson Mount (which im only familiar with his work as BlackBolt). So I have no valid opinion on the rest. Just finished the Exiled Fleet last night, looking forward to book 3 and picking up Rubicon!


Michael Keros
Michael Keros
May 08, 2023

Hi there, I like the cast you picked... It actually makes me want to get back and re-read The Last Watch, and The Exiled Fleet since it's been so long (2021) since I read them I've kind of lost the mental images I'd come up with. You're a lovely writer, thanks for all the hard work.

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