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The Divide » "Best Adventure" of 2023 from @MyChaoticShelf

Very excited to see The Last Watch & The Exiled Fleet in great company on @mychaoticshelf’s Best of 2023 list! 🥰🎉


2023 Review in Books!

• Best romance: The Ruptured Sky

If you’re looking for a grimdark fantasy to add to your TBR-The Ruptured Sky IS IT. Sh*t, just pick it up and read it! You won’t be disappointed. The romance I’m particularly speaking to tugged so freaking hard at my heart strings! (And there’s a novella backstory to their relationship😍!) LGTBQ+ rep with a HEAVY helping of pining—truly say less.

• Best political plot twist: The Element of Fire

I made a couple of reviews raving about this book as I endeavored to start on Well’s backlist. I believe The Element of Fire was published in 1991 and considering the time and the fantasy story industry being so male-dominated at the time, this story was incredible! I highly recommend listening to the audiobook if that suits you.

• Best Adventure: The Last Watch and The Exiled Fleet

Found family check✅, edge of the universe left to die chec✅, unlikely hero and band of misfits check✅ and check✅! I cannot recommend The Divide Series enough if you’re looking for a true adventure! I am eager anticipating the third installment!

•Most uplifting: A Psalm for the Wild-Built

While I read this book at a time when I really needed to hear the message within its pages, I don’t think there is a time that this book wouldn’t resonate with its readers. It’s wholesome and I love the world within. 🩵🩷

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