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Tactical Bujo » September Goals

September! 🍁🍃

And it feels like it here. 50 degrees this morning, high of 72. I'll take this weather year round, please and thank you.

Playmat art by the amazing Andrew Thompson, check them out!! 😍

August Recap:

🟡 TLW # 2 revisions due 8/31⁠ ~~~~ Flag on the play, new deadline is 9/8, but did get plenty of revisioning done!

⛔️ Update world bible and create pronunciation guide for audiobook⁠ ~~~~ Ahahaha, man, I was feeling ambitious, huh?

✅ Secret marketing content⁠ ~~~~ Done! This was the cover reveal, which I only knew vaguely as "probably in August." Though three days of lead-time was more than I'd expected, so hooray. That said, it really threw me off my revisions game, hence the flag on goal #1.

September Goals:

→ TLW # 2 revisions due 9/8

#MeetThe2021s September Event: Tweet + IG Story every day

→ Draft short story

→ Read one book⁠

Probably way too ambitious, but hey, what are goals if not just organized ways to make us feel bad about ourselves amiriteeeee 🙃


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