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Tactical Bujo » September Goals

It’s almost September? Apparently? First up, August recap: ✅ Enjoy Gen Con This was a really easy goal, obviously. I also can’t believe that was technically only a month ago, it feels like approximately nine years. ❎ Draft ≥30k of The Last Watch #2 Technically this is a check, as I’m now at a total of 65,000 words 🙌 However about 10 days ago I realized I’d been skipping over too much of the research, and couldn’t move forward on stable ground without figuring out some of the technical details. So, I ~stopped~ drafting for the sake of research, which has taken a loooooong time. I love learning new things and figuring out ways I can mess with physics and still have it feel like science, but it’s insanely time consuming 😅 My first chapter had been left as a disaster of placeholders and summaries (i.e. character “talks about a related sciencey thing here” and that’s verbatim), and it ended up just feeling too messy for me to feel okay about continuing on with it in that state. Also, many of the things happening in that chapter end up effecting the next ten or so chapters, and thus have been leaving a cascade of placeholders in its wake. Moral of the story is: I could have drafted more words, but I needed to take a few steps back and make sure everything was in place before I blow forward into the next section of the story. IT NEEDED FIXED. I HAVE FIXED IT. And as for September 🍁 ✨ Draft ≥30k in The Last Watch #2! (And finish cleaning up chapters 1-10, for that matter) ✨ Sort publicity Scrivener document (this thing is an absurd disaster of copy/pasted marketing ideas from the last 2-ish years 😬 ) ✨ Read two books! (I always fail at this but fingers-crossed!) Were you aware it’s almost September? 😅 If so, what are your September goals?


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