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Tactical Bujo » November Goals

November goals! Only one week late!⁠ You’ll have to cut me some slack…the last 4-6 weeks have been chaotic, for so many reasons. ⁠ OCT GOALS:⁠ ✅⛔️ Draft 30k in TLW #2 (Veryyy nearly got there at about 26.5k)⁠⠀ ✅ Read 2 books (Like, who am I?! A person who reads??)⁠⠀ ⛔️ Prelim Patreon plan (delayed indefinitely until I get a more firm release date)⁠ NOV GOALS:⁠ 🖖 Just plain survive ⁠ Let’s just say, chronic pain is 👎⁠ ✍️ Draft 40k in The Last Watch #2 If I want to finish this draft before the end of the year (which I do, I every much do) I need to write an estimated 40k this month. Considering I’m at 6k right now…it’s not looking good. However I’ve been writing a ton of future scenes because I can’t make my brain write this book in order for some reason, so I’m hoping that helps expedite my word counts once I reach those chapters!⁠ 📚 Read 2 books⁠ This should be easy, since reading’s a thing I do now! (I made it part of “the routine,” which not only helps me stick to reading, but helps me get to bed on time, which I’d been slacking on, resulting in headaches and tiredness and etc.)⁠ What are your November goals? Are you doing Nano? I’m not, but I might as well be! ⁠


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