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Tactical BuJo » May Goals

May goals time! Better late than never 😅

April recap:

✅ Finish The Last Watch revisions (FINALLY! 🎉)

✅ Read one book

Yay, I completed all my goals for once!! 😆

Keeping it simple again for May:

✨Chill out and enjoy NYC (✅) and the Nebula conference

✨Outline The Last Watch #2

✨Read two books

CHILL OUT: I knew I needed to make ~relaxing~ a little part of my goals or I’d feel pressured to keep working at the pace I was before I finished revisions. Which was not a sane thing to do in the long term 😬 BUT, working that hard did allow me to get it done before my trip to NYC, which let me focus on the conference and learning new things for the day job, while also enjoying my free time so much more!

OUTLINE: This should really be *start* the outline, I do not expect to finish it this month. If I don’t get the next round of revisions for book one back before the end of the month, then I probably will have it done, but if I do (which is more likely) it will get sidelined so I can start working on those revisions!

READ: I’m already about halfway through Jack Campbell’s military sci-fi Vanguard, and really enjoying it so far! The characters are complex and interesting, and he’s done a great job of weaving together multiple POVs in an engaging manner.

Also, I have a tentative/could-change-at-any-time-but-might-be-sorta-accurate release season for The Last Watch: Fall 2020! 🎉 It sounds far away, I know, but it’s actually a very normal time frame for trad pub, and with book two (aka a book I have not even started writing) due out the season after that, I will definitely be 100% busy that entire time!

What are your May goals?


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