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Tactical BuJo » March Goals

How is it almost March??

In retrospect, my February goals were a biiiit lofty. 😂


🚫 I didn’t read ANYTHING. Except a couple chapters of a beta for a CP. 😅⠀

🚫 I’m not NEARLY done with revisions. *But*, that wasn’t due to a lack of effort, only an inability to even remotely accurately estimate the time needed to accomplish it. It’s probably going to take the better part of March to finish. Which means it will have taken me longer to do this edit pass than it did to draft the book! Yay writing!


✅ I took new author headshots! Which I’m 95% certain I don’t like and am going to go with my current one anyways. 🤷‍♀️⠀

✅ I *did* stick to my 5AM Starbucks routine every weekday, and 6AM on Saturdays, so I’m very happy with that! ☕️


✴️ I sorta kinda a little bit started outlining book 2, though not in any kind of organized fashion. But I came up with some *killer* ideas that I’m super super super happy with, and the structure’s starting to take shape in my brain. 🙌

What are your March goals?

(And yes, that’s a World of Warcraft notepad from one of the expansions, back when you bought games in real boxes, in-person at an actual physical store.)


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