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Tactical BuJo » June Goals

I can’t believe it’s already June. May went by absurdly fast. 😅

May goals recap:

✅ Chill out and enjoy NY and the Nebulas Big ‘ole check! I had such a great time at both events, and learned so much both for day job and writing! ✅ Outline The Last Watch # 2 I actually did this, believe it or not! It’s not in a readable state, but it exists, and is a full story that hits plot beats and everything! 🚫 Read two books This did NOT happen, I did get ~most~ of the way through one! However, I got my first round of revisions back from my editor faster than anticipated, so my goals shifted partway through the month to accommodate. Which leads me to… ✅ EXTRA GOAL: Start on The Last Watch round 2 revisions! I was real nervous about the response I would get to these revisions (Primarily b/c I added ~32k words 😬 ) Thankfully, my editor LOVED them! And I can’t help but agree, I’m super happy with how they came out (even though they took me twice as long as I’d anticipated 😅 ) Editor’s new notes are very reasonable endeavors, so it shouldn’t take me long to finish that up! June Goals! ✨ Finish The Last Watch round 2 revisions! ✨ Convert Book 2 “outline” into synopsis & send to editor ✨ Finish current book and read one more! Depending on how quick my editor gets back to me about my book 2 outline, I might… ✨ START DRAFTING THE LAST WATCH # 2! I’ve never written a sequel, or a book while on contract, or a draft from an outline, so there’ll be lots of “new” happening in the next few months. Wish me luck 😅 Tell me your June goals in the comments please and thank youuu!


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