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Tactical Bujo » July Goals

Uh, it’s July goals time already! What the actual heck! 😳⁠ I crushed my June goals so hard I had to come up with new ones mid-month. ⁠ ~original goals~⁠ ✅ Finish The Last Watch round 2 revisions!⁠ ✅ Finish Book 2 synopsis & send to editor⁠ ✅ Finish current book and read one more (Audio books are saving my life!)⁠ ~extra goals~⁠ ✅ Finish The Last Watch round 3 revisions!⁠ ✅ I did -not- start my bonus goal of drafting book two since Editor still has the synopsis, however I’ve done a ton of work fleshing out ideas and I’m insanely excited to start new space adventures with my fave characters 😆🚀✨⁠ ✅ Back on my 5am morning routine and it’s working out great. Didn’t even have an adjustment period this time, body just switched right over to the new hours like it was no big deal 🙌⁠ 🍉 July Goals ☀️⁠ ✨ Draft >30k words for The Last Watch #2 ✨ Finish beta for CP⁠ Keeping it simple because I need to focus 100% of my efforts on that first goal. I haven’t drafted (other than adding new scenes to existing books) in almost a year, so it’ll take a bit of focus to get back into that mode. However having already jumped back into my 5am write-before-work routine is going to set me off on the right foot!⁠ And OMG, Gen Con is Aug 1! I’m so excited!! 🎲🤓⁠ What are your July goals??⁠


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