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Tactical BuJo » February Goals

February goals! 🎯 #1should be “don’t freeze to death.” 🥶 Woke up to a balmy –29 this morning. 😪

I set goals every two months, so this is what’s left for my Jan-Feb set! ✅ Bimonthly is just long-term enough for me to adequately plan ahead, but short enough to easily adjust if (work, life, or writing-related) circumstances change.

I’ve found it difficult this year to accurately schedule my writing time, as I’ve never tackled revisions of this nature before. 🛠 But I’m learning as I go (and taking ~detailed~ notes about my process) so I’ll be prepared when this stage arrives for book #2!

I’m *a little* behind on where I’d like to be, so I’ve decided to restart my 5AM Starbucks sessions that worked so well for me last summer when I was drafting. ☕️

Though getting up at 4:30AM is *rough* to say the least, I wrote 60k in ~4 weeks, utilized my time much more efficiently, and generally felt happier and more energetic! ⚡️ Really hoping it works out that well for me again. 🤞

I know, I know, my reading goal is only one book a month, but I’m the world’s slowest reader. 😅 Revising and drafting are going to take up so much of my free time this year, I didn’t want to overextend! A=Achievable!

Do you use SMART goals? I find the R to be a bit useless, but the other letters have been very helpful! 😊

💜 Happy February everyone! 💜


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