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Tactical Bujo » August Goals

It’s August goals time already! ☀️

July recap:

✅ Finish beta for critique partner

✅ Draft ≥30k words for The Last Watch # 2 (current total is 42k!)

Shiny New August Goals:

✨ Enjoy Gen Con!

✨ Draft ≥30k words for The Last Watch # 2

Keeping it simple again this month since my drafting routine pretty much maxes me out. I burnt out pretty hard about a week ago, -almost- caught it in time, but not quite. I’m slowly figuring out what my early warning signs are and I’m hoping next time I can be aware enough to slow down earlier so I don’t crash quite so hard. 🙇‍♀️ I missed less than two days of drafting though, and luckily they were weekend days so I had lots of time to just chill out and recuperate. 😎💤

Not gonna lie, it was hard to convince myself to not do any writing for almost two whole days. I felt pretty guilty ~75% of that time. But I forced myself to play some Halo, watch some Netflix, do some iPad puzzles (which is a thing apparently? 🧩) and let myself do only a -little- bit of book launch marketing planning.

I bounced back with a vengeance on Monday morning, my brain woke me up promptly at 4:20 AM having crafted the first line for the next chapter. Thanks, brain!  🥰 🧠

Moral of all this: take breaks when you need them, try not to feel guilty about it, and your well-rested brain might just reward you!

✨ What are your August goals? ✨


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