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SFWA Nebula Conference 2020

It won’t be quite the same as four days in LA with my bestie@matto.cdp, but I’m still excited for the virtual Nebula Conference! Loving this awesome care package from SFWA staff 🚀✨ ⁠⠀


I’ve got these ABMs my editor sent that I’d planned to take and give out to authors for blurb/quote purposes, but I guess now I’ll just continue to leave them stacked around the house so I can gaze upon them lovingly. (Maybe I’ll use them for giveaways once it’s closer to release date?! 🤔)⁠⠀


That super cool glass will be filled with cider for the ceremony festivities tomorrow! What’s your drink of choice, alcoholic or otherwise? 🍹🥃🍺🍷🍸⁠⠀

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