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SFF Addicts: Video Games in SFF with Nicholas Eames, Austin Grossman, Ciel Pierlot & Ron Walters

Had a really fun conversation about video games in SFF with this awesome group of talented authors! 🙌🚀💫

Catch the video on YouTube or check out the audio wherever you get your podcasts:

Thanks so much to our wonderful host @adrianmgibson for inviting me!


Ep. 21 is now live! This week, host @adrianmgibson is joined by authors @thebookofeames @jsdewes @austin__grossman @ronwaltersbooks and #CielPierlot as they take a deep dive into Video Games & SFF!

During the panel they discuss the intersection between video games and SFF, the creative feedback loop between gaming and writing, incorporating games into book narratives, book-to-game adaptations and vice versa, developing and writing for video games and much more.

This episode is available to stream/download on major podcast platforms, like @applepodcasts@spotify and more. It’s also available in full video over at the FanFiAddict YouTube channel!




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