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Rubicon Review from Mary Robinette Kowal

So grateful for these very kind words on Rubicon from Mary Robinette Kowal! 🙌🔥


Rubicon by @jsdewes and the trauma in it feel terrifyingly real. I couldn't look away. It is such a compelling portrait of depression and then someone slowly finding their way out. AND THEN the thing happens. DEAR GOD. I read this a year ago and I'm STILL thinking about it.

This is not a comfortable or easy read, but it's very worth it.

2 opmerkingen

Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly
05 dec. 2023

Brilliant book, loved the story. How dare you with that ending though haha

J.S. Dewes
J.S. Dewes
11 dec. 2023
Reageren op

Thank you! (And I'm sorry haha!)

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