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Rubicon » "I Am Obsessed!" Audiobook Review from @aischesaudiobooks

So grateful for this awesome review of Rubicon! 🥰 Thanks so much to @aischesaudiobooks for reading & reviewing!! 🎉


Book Review: Rubicon by @jsdewes


Welcome to Rubicon...

I am obsessed with this book.

I know a lot of other people lowered their star rating because of the ending, I get that some people feel disappointed by it but I stand by the authors choice to do something unconventional that maybe some people wont like. AND I am crossing my fingers and have hope and faith that there will be a book 2!

The pacing was great, fast, a lot of action, military scifi, it just sucks you in, the audiobook narration was great as well, there is some sound effects like static on comms, robot voices, etc

Our MC has PTSD and anxiety and yet she is a total badass, even tho she doesnt see herself that way. The AI in her head, Rubicon, is snarky and I loved their banter.

The themes of what it means to be human is one of my favorite scifi themes, Ive been reading so many books with Robots and AI, and I review off VIBES and this one is just so great, and I LOVE the Cover! I am going to buy a physical copy as soon as I can!


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