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Rubicon Audiobook Review from @boundhobbies

Yay! Love this awesome audiobook review from @boundhobbies! Thanks so much for reading!! 🙌


🧬Book Review & Release🧬

QOTD: Do you enjoy sci-fi?

Adrienne takes her first breath for the 96th time. She is reassigned and given a virtual intelligence implant, Rubicon. Later her Rubicon changes from a VI to an AI, making it more sentient. Can she take on her confidential orders to help save humanity from the enemy?

The last chapter!!!! I want a second book! Oh, the potential there!

I was absolutely hooked from the beginning. With subtle tones of Altered Carbon and Edge of Tomorrow, I had to keep listening. Military Sci-Fi isn’t my typical read, but I watch a bit of sci-fi and wanted to give this book a try. I felt the author did an excellent job merging both informative detail and action. Sometimes I feel like one overshadows the other, but it was a great balance. I wanted more between Adrienne and Rubicon. They had great banter & I enjoyed their dynamic…I wanted to read more between them. Overall, I highly recommend this to sci-if fans.

It took me a short bit to get used to the narrator, but when I did, she fully immersed me. Wonderful narrating from Eunice Wong.


Many thanks to NetGalley, Macmillan Audio, & Tor Books for the audiobook ARC.





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