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I'm Starting a Patreon!

Did someone say Patreon?!

I did! It was me!

If you simply can't wait for book 3's arrival (me either to be honest), never fear, Patreon is here! 🎉

Patreon is a membership platform that connects content creators with friends, family, and fans. allowing them to make small monthly contributions to support their favorite artists. By joining me, you’ll be giving me an opportunity to devote more of my time to writing, creating bonus content, sharing author advice, and giving behind-the-scenes looks at the creative process.

Check out the About section listed under the tiers for more information!

I've got tons of fun stuff planned for different tiers, including all kinds of exclusive content for The Divide series such as:

  • 🚀 Ship diagrams! Maps!

  • 🖼 Graphics & Art (in-world posters, character art, etc.)

  • 🎧 A private Discord for the writing/reading/gaming chatty chats (~cleverly~ titled “The Legion Extranet” 😜)

  • 💥 Short stories including some VERY FUN backstories of your favorite side characters & the events that got them sent out to the Divide!

  • 💻 COMING SOON: A wiki (aka world bible) full of DATA!

  • ⚔️ Other sundry sci-fi (& maybe fantasy?) content, shorts, who knows!

Pending the tier of your choosing, you’ll also get to follow along as I write the third book! (And as I revise RUBICON!)

I won't be able to share any actual words of the novels, but I’ll…

  • post tons of behind the scenes looks

  • rant & rave about the process on Discord

  • procrastinate writing by playing games while on Discord

  • hopefully other fun things that I can’t confirm yet but that I know you’ll like!

I'm starting out small to ensure I can keep up as I continue to write, promote, & day job — but I have BIG plans, and can't wait to share it with you all!

So if Discord chats, bonus content & side character backstories* intrigue thee, I'd greatly appreciate your support! Come have a look over on Patreon! 🙌🚀💫

➡️ TL;DR

Book 3 of The Divide series may be a ways out yet, but in the meantime you can dive head-first into Divide bonus content while following along on the journey and supporting me & my author career, which I would be so eternally & endlessly grateful for!

(And think of it this way—by 2023, it’ll have been long enough that you can enjoy a fresh re-read of The Last Watch & The Exiled Fleet before you dive into the TRULY WILD third installment (yes I know what happens because I had to write a synopsis & holy crap sometimes I wonder if my brain is actually okay)

Thank you all so much for your continued support, it means the world—nay, the universe! 🚀❤️


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