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fall is for hiding under layerrrs 🍁🧢👕🧥🥾🍂⁠

I'm joining the #FindMyWritingCommunity tag! Thank you @adrienneyoungbooks and @kristindwyer for hosting!!⁠

So HI! I’m Jenny! I write adult science fiction of the action-adventure, space opera, high-stakes but still character-driven variety!⁠

I'd love to connect with more writers who prefer Instagram, because I desperately wish it were as active as Publishing Twitter! 😁⁠



I'm rep'd by Tricia Skinner at Fuse Literary, and my debut comes out with Tor Books April 20, with its sequel following on Aug 17! I’m currently waiting on book 2 notes from Editor while…⁠

✨ working on promo⁠

✨ revising the manuscript I wrote way back when I was on submission⁠

✨ writing my first short story i guess???⁠

✨ fretting about whether or not I should be working on a synopsis/samples/anything for the unsold/non-existent third book in my debut series⁠

✨ and generally spiraling as we do here in 2020⁠


I love space and video games and my two pups + one devil-spawn who masquerades as a cat.⁠

I’ll list a sampling of my faves below, let me know if we share any interests in the comments!!!⁠



• Drawing⁠

• Video & Board Games & TTRPGs⁠

• Reading⁠

• Photography⁠

• Volleyball⁠

• Space⁠

• Maps⁠

• Thunderstorms⁠


• Arthur C. Clarke⁠

• Ray Bradbury⁠

• Rendezvous with Rama⁠

• The Murderbot Diaries⁠

• The Codex Alera Series⁠

• The Mistborn Trilogy⁠

• The Iron Druid Chronicles⁠

• The Giver⁠

• Path of Destruction⁠

• The Stolen Throne⁠

• The Phantom of the Opera⁠


• Battlestar Galactica⁠

• Killjoys⁠

• Peaky Blinders⁠

• The 100⁠

• Sunshine⁠

• The Good Place⁠

• Stranger Things⁠

• The Last Kingdom⁠

• Star Trek: The Next Generation⁠

• Buffy & Firefly⁠


• Mass Effect⁠

• Dragon Age⁠

• Fallout⁠

• Elder Scrolls⁠

• Diablo⁠


• Civilization⁠

• Age of Empires⁠

• World of Warcraft⁠


• Muse⁠

• The Glitch Mob⁠

• The Eagles⁠

• Johnny Cash⁠

• My Chemical Romance⁠

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