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Events » In Conversation with Claire Holroyde, author of The Effort


At 7pm central, join me and author Claire Holroyde via Zoom to celebrate the launch of her debut sci-fi novel, THE EFFORT!

(psst: you can get 20% off The Effort via our gracious hosts at BoswellBooks.com now through January 20th!)



“For readers of Station Eleven and Good Morning, Midnight comes an electric, heart-pounding novel of love and sacrifice that follows people around the world as they unite to prevent a global catastrophe.

When dark comet UD3 was spotted near Jupiter’s orbit, its existence was largely ignored. But to individuals who knew better — scientists like Benjamin Schwartz, manager of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies — the threat this eight-kilometer comet posed to the survival of the human race was unthinkable. The 150-million-year reign of the dinosaurs ended when an asteroid impact generated more than a billiontimes the energy of an atomic bomb.

What would happen to Earth’s seven billion inhabitants if a similar event were allowed to occur?”


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