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ECCC 2021 » Panel: Worldbuilding in SFF

Had such a blast yesterday chatting with the incredible Cat Rambo, John Scalzi, & Juliette Wade about worldbuilding in SFF! 🚀💫 Thank you @specfic, @jscalzi, & @juliettewadeauthor for being so friendly & welcoming, I feel so lucky to have the chance to meet you all (in person, no less!)

(Also, someone swung by the signing afterwards to thank me for being open about coming from fanfic writing, and gifted me this amazing pin & I’m not crying you’re crying 💙😭💙)

📸 Big thank you to @ ralph_helm on Twitter for the panel photo!

👉 For those who were looking for copies of THE LAST WATCH, I’ll update later today as soon as I find out if the store has them in! Thank you for your patience!!


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