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Anthropomorphized Electronics

RIP Fenris and Alistair. You served me well 💀❤️ #bricked Anyone else name their electronics after characters/fictional worlds? 🙃⁠ ⚔️ These two are from Dragon Age, if that wasn’t clear.⁠ 🚀 My computer and drives at work are Mass Effect themed.⁠ 🛡 The drives for my enclosure at home are WoW zones.⁠ 🤖 My DVX/HVX batteries were Battlestar characters. Adama, Starbuck, and Roslin outlasted the rest by *years.* I’ll let you guess which of the Cylons failed me first… (I named them before I knew who all the Cylons were.)⁠ (Mouse pad is @allenpanakalart check him ouuuut ✨🚀)⁠


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