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Ancient Ones by Artist Allen Panakal

ahgshdslj I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like FOREVER! YAY!!!

This is a Kickstarter package from @AllenPanakalArt, one of my very favorite sci-fi artists who I discovered at Gen Con years ago!

The book quality is fantastic—the art is of course amazing, and the graphic design and formatting looks incredible as well. I can’t wait to sit down and read the whole thing!

(Plus metal bookmarks & trading cards! And a pin! And a pencil holder! And a shiny sticker!!)

Congrats to Allen on this release & I’m really excited for Suns of Orion & more art soon! Make sure you check out his store—I highly recommend the gaming playmats, they’re super nice & I have one on practically every horizontal surface in my house lol.

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Apr 17, 2022

Hey! It's Allen! I'm sorry I missed all this. Thank you so much for sharing the work!

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