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Achievement Unlocked 2.0!

I’m thrilled to announce Tor Books has acquired my debut novel and its sequel! I’m so incredibly excited and honored to have the chance to work with editor Jen Gunnels and the rest of the Tor team!

You may remember this book as THE DIVIDE, but a new title will be coming! (EDIT 12/14/18: We’ve decided on a title—it will be called THE LAST WATCH.) It’s the one about exiled soldiers and discarded war heroes and wonky space physics and time dilation and a collapsing universe, etc, etc. 

No publication date has been set, but I’ll update as things progress. Endless thanks to my amazing agent Margaret Bail for making this deal possible!

Publisher's Marketplace Announcement

2018 has been quite a year!

Since signing with my agent in March, I’ve been working diligently on my next book (RUBICON, the gritty/AI/military sci-fi Phantom of the Opera retelling of my heart that has been slowly trying to kill me) while THE DIVIDE / THE LAST WATCH was on submission to editors/publishers. I thought I’d have another six months or longer to wait, so I’m feeling incredibly lucky and fortunate right now.

I’m so grateful for everyone who’s supported me on my author journey so far, and some thanks are definitely in order. My husband Dave has been insanely patient and supportive, and my amazing family has been endlessly encouraging. And I owe so much to my awesome critique partners and writer friends, both for helping to hone my craft and maintain my sanity—Hollis, Tina, Rebecca, Gian, and all the Landing Eagles.

And of course, my best friend Matt, whose unwavering optimism for my creative endeavors has been (and will continue to be) a much-needed beacon of hope in this long and (sometimes unforgiving) journey. (He’s also the reason this book exists—he said, “Oh, no way. You can’t [redacted]” so I wrote it pretty much just to prove him wrong. 😆 Love you Matto!)

I’m incredibly excited to start on the next leg of the publishing journey, and to keep learning and writing and creating! Let’s do this, 2019…

Achievement Unlocked 2.0


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