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Achievement Unlocked!

Guys, this is one of THOSE announcements. Like a singular, anomalous, once-in-a-lifetime kinda thing.


I’m thrilled to announce I’m now represented by the amazing Margaret Bail of Fuse Literary!

NASA Celebration

I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the Fuse team, and to have found an agent that’s as excited about THE DIVIDE* as I am!

*my weird military sci-fi/space opera novel that pits delinquent soldiers against theoretical physics

And now for a little backstory on how it all went down, if you’re interested…

Margaret was at the top of my list for prospective agents (she doesn’t even know that, haha, *waves*), but she was closed to queries until January. So, when I’d finally recovered from the holidays and started sending out more queries mid-January, I was thrilled (panicked?) less than a month later when I got a notification that Margaret had “liked” one of my tweets. It was one of those “wait… is this real?” moments.*


A few minutes later, she responded to my query with a full request, and I sent it off right away.

But I immediately turned excitement-brain back off, because literary agents are extremely busy! It can take weeks or months to hear back, so I didn’t expect any news for a while.

Which meant I was completely caught off-guard when just over a week later, Margaret responded! She’d read the book, couldn’t put it down, and wanted to talk about representation.


*I say confusion, primarily because during the query process, though one may remain outwardly optimistic, part of me had settled on the idea that this moment might never actually come. So when it did: cue surprise, disbelief, confusion, etc.

Margaret & I set up a time and spoke over the phone (i.e. she patiently endured my three-and-a-half pages of questions) and we got along swimmingly. I knew in my gut it was going to be a good match!

J.S. Dewes, Signing

Me, signing the paperwork!

Though this year, I’ve been trying to follow the advice about how you’re only supposed to set goals you “have direct control over,” one of my secret goals for the year was to land an amazing agent to represent my work! I’m incredibly happy to have accomplished that, and I’m more than ready to find out what the rest of 2018 has in store for my writing career and THE DIVIDE.

Achievement Unlocked


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