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The Last Watch » Review from @MyChaoticShelf

Honored to share this lovely spoiler-free review of The Last Watch! Huge thanks to @mychaoticshelf for reading & reviewing! 🥰🙌


🚀Spoiler-free review🚀

Adequin Rake takes pride in her work. As the Excubitor of the The Argus & the warden of all the criminals who are sent to the edge of the universe under her watch, there are worse ways to serve the Legion…right?

Cavalon Mercer is heir to the Mercer throne (think Elon Musk status— but even bigger). A ‘prison’ is more like it. After his final act of rebellion gets him sent to The Argus, he has no idea what’s in store for him. Can’t be as bad as watching his family causing chaos and suffering though…right?

The Last Watch is a true, fast-paced, phenomenal science-fiction adventure. I was turning the pages so quickly I had residual whiplash 😆. The band of characters are the standouts in this story—they’re well fleshed out, each with their own unique pasts, defining characteristics, and reasons for being on the legit edge of nowhere.

If you like fast-paced, action-driven plots with found family, The Last Watch is IT! I happen to also love that it is set in deep space 🪐. If you’re looking for a wild ride with twists and turns, all while rooting for your turned-favorite rebellious heir & ‘takes no shit’ ship captain to save the universe—read this book!



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