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The Last Watch » Repost from @hecticreadinglife

🥹 Honored to be one of @hecticreadinglife’s top reads of the year! Love seeing The Last Watch in such great company! 🤩 Definitely need to add these to my TBR! #Repost from @hecticreadinglife ・・・ I don’t have a top ten this year. I have a top nineteen. Throughout the year, I made a list for books that I had to process. These are the books that were so good I had to stare at the wall after and readjust back to reality. Some of these are important. They teach lessons, year apart systems, pull down the curtains, and speak justice. Others are fun. They open worlds and characters and ideas that I won’t soon forget. They cover all genres. I can’t even speak about the individually because it would go over the caption limit. What I can say is that there’s everything from contemporary to horror to fantasy to sci-fi to historical fiction. They range from young YA all the way up to adult. There is a book for everyone here. Taking this picture reminded me of why I read and why I write. Literature is such a pillar in my life, and these authors do such a good job of adding to the endless list of amazing books. Each book published is a story that someone felt had to be told. I’m just lucky enough to be able to experience them. Let me know which books on this list you’ve read! Let me know the ones I need to convince you to read. Let me know what books you’ve read that you think would make this list if I read them.


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