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The Last Watch » Repost from @drop.everything.and.read

Get your next dose of strong female lead with a rec from this great post by @drop.everything.and.read! Thanks so much for including The Last Watch! 🙌🚀✨

#Repost from @drop.everything.and.read


Let’s talk about strong female leads! I like my female characters complex and nuanced and with emotional depth, and these are some of my favorite ladies:

🏰 Howl’s Moving Castle: Sophie is quiet and determined and has no time for anyone’s nonsense, least of all Howl’s.

🚀 The Last Watch: Rake has a death wish and doesn’t want to be in charge, but if she HAS to, she’ll reluctantly save the universe.

🪐 How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse: Rory isn’t particularly strong or athletic, but she weaponizes a harp and that’s certainly noteworthy.

🌌 Sisters of the Vast Black: how are there so many developed female characters in a book this tiny? I have no idea, but I love all of them.

🪖 Monstrous Regiment: I couldn’t decide between this and one of the Witches books, so this one won by sheer volume of awesome women contained within.

🗡 The Blue Sword: Harry is such a “classic” strong female character, who sword-fights and saves a kingdom, and I adored her as a kid.

🤖 All Systems Red: I love Dr Mensah so much, all through the series. She’s smart and even-tempered and a great boss.

👾 Terminal Alliance: Mops is just so darn clever, and I love her weird janitorial knowledge that always saves the day.







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