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The Last Watch » 2022 Top Reads Mini Review

Huge thanks to @medeajade for this lovely mini review of The Last Watch! 🥰

And may I just give a hearty second for Hall of Smoke, if you haven’t read @hmlongbooks yet, you’re seriously missing out—go improve your reading life immediately, run don’t walk ⚔️🔥


These four books were my top reads for 2022! I’ve reviewed them all on GoodReads with the exception of The Last Unicorn. This was my first time rereading it since I was 12 or 13 and it holds up. The rest of them… perfection🤩 Here’s some snippets of my reviews…

Winter’s Orbit by @everina_maxwell - Oh hell yaaassssss this was a good book!!! It ticked ALL my boxes; incredible world building, intriguing lore and history, believable romance, witty and clever dialogue.

The Last Watch by @jsdewes - The world building was both small and epic at the same time. I mean, does it get more epic than the edge of the universe? Yet the story itself takes place on a few small ships, giving you a feeling of grandeur without overwhelming the reader with information needed to make a huge location(s) come alive.

Hall of Smoke by @hmlongbooks - The descriptions of landscapes were vivid and beautiful. I wanted to be in the mountains with Hessa. I could smell the pine needles and sun on warm rocks. I could feel the chill breeze gliding across the water. It was skillfully done.

All these authors have more published and more coming and I look forward to all of it! Happy reading in 2023 everyone!


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