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Tactical Bujo » Platitudes Rant

Hot take here…I love planner supplies, but I ~hate~ that they feel the need to stamp platitudes all over them. 😅⁠ Including this one. (Actually, ~especially~ this one, which seems to imply that the single factor that goes into success is whether you tried hard enough. Clearly if you’re not successful, you’re merely lazy and/or disorganized. 🙄 I knowwww they’re only trying to be uplifting, but I’m a realist trending toward pessimist okay?? dont @ me)⁠ I dislike them so much, I even went to the effort of putting a sticker over every “motivational quote” on all 52 weekly spreads in my Passion Planner. 😬⁠ I ~do~ however love the checklist pages in this new notebook! And the colors 😍 and gold foil 😍 and hexagons 😍 (TY @jessicamundt !) ⁠ As you can see in Slide # 2, I’ve started a scene checklist for drafting ✍🏼 so I can check off each as they move from stage-to-stage. I’ve even color-coordinated the columns with my labels in Scrivener! 💜⁠

Do you have any polarizing views on motivational quotes? 😂⁠


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