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Tactical Bujo » October Goals

It’s October I guess. Here’s my hilariously unrealistic list of goals!!!¡¡!! 😂🤗😅😳ₑᵥₑᵣyₜₕᵢₙg'ₛ fᵢₙₑ

Please excuse the very sad looking leaves my tree is currently dropping.🍁🍂

September Recap:

✅ The Exiled Fleet Round 2 Revisions done & sent back

✅ Bonus goal: The Exiled Fleet Round 3 Revisions done & sent back

#MeetThe2021s September Event: Tweet & IG Story Every day

⛔️Draft short story

⛔️Read one book

October Goals:

→ Audiobook pronunciation & accents guide

→ AMM mentee pages

→ Read 2 betas for CPs & 1 ARC

→ Prep for TheDebBall Instagram takeover & interview

→ Promo graphics for takeover and ARC giveaway

→ Lead gen short story draft

→ Rubicon Revisions

This isn’t everything, it’s just all that would fit on the page. So.



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