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Tactical Bujo » August Goals



✅ Chill out for 10 seconds

I did do a fair amount of marketing prep work (reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts, prepping graphics, setting up content calendar, etc.) *but* I only did it with no end goal in mind, and when I wanted to so it still felt fun and relaxing.

✅ TLW # 2 Round 2 Revisions once back from Editor

I only just got the manuscript back on Tuesday, and prior to that, I did a couple rounds with her finding a new scene for the opening chapter. We found a good solution, and I'll just need to make a couple small adjustments to the order of the opening scenes to make it fit, but it shouldn't cause too much trouble!

✅ But mostly chill out tho

We also binged all of The Last Airbender *and* all of Legend of Korra and they were...really great? They each had their issues, but the great far outweighed the bad/boring/fact that they're kids' shows. Highly recommend, especially if you liked Dragon Prince (which if you haven't seen yet, what are you doing with your life??)


→ TLW # 2 round 2 revisions due August 31

→ Update world bible and create pronunciation guide for audiobook

→ Secret marketing content

What are your goals for August?


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