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Tactical Bujo » April Goals

Setting goals is real hard right now, you guys 😅😐⁠

Hubs & I are both healthy and we're staying put, which is standard operating procedure for us, so we're hanging in there just fine. The dogs either love having us home all day, or are exhausted by us, I'm not sure which.⁠

Pandemic or no, I still have plenty to do, contracted books to finish, etc. etc! So I'm slowly forcing myself to get back into the swing of things.⁠


✅ Send AMM edit letter⁠

Done and sent in all its 50-page glory 😅 My mentee is a trooper!⁠

✅ Rubicon revisions⁠

Didn't finish them, but didn't intend to. I'm 3/4 of the way through my read-through and have a nicely organized list ready to tackle as soon as I'm done.⁠

⛔️ Read two books⁠

Nope! All novel reading was replaced with reading the news, as one does when the world falls apart around them. I can't decide if I should or *shouldn't* dig out my first novel, a post-apocalyptic set in Chicago after the world population has been decimated by a virus. 😬⁠


🤖 Rubicon revisions⁠

🚀 TLW#2 developmental edits⁠

📚 Stay home & read⁠

I hope you all are staying healthy & hanging in there! ⁠


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