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Rubicon » Repost from @eunicewongnarration

Ahh! Rubicon! Audiobook! 🎉

While writing this book I had a sneaking suspicion that someday it would be a real pain in the ass for some poor narrator (sorry Eunice lol😅) but I’m supremely confident that it’s in amazing hands with the very talented @eunicewongnarration!

Huge thank you to Eunice & the whole audio team, I can’t wait to get this in my earballs! 🎧🙌


Recording this sci-fi epic about (among many things) AI achieving sentience, while so many of us are shaken by Apple's AI-narration roll-out, has been interesting.

One of my favorite archetypes is sentient AI striving for humanity. Old story. Pinocchio, Frankenstein, Data. But the most important part of the equation is humanity. Cut out the humanity, and there's nothing left. I have zero interest in the ship's computer (sorry Majel, that's not your fault).

This was one of the most challenging books I've narrated. After my first read-through, I sat back dazed and said, "WHAAT??!" while I slowly picked my brain up off the floor.

I had to do a second prep read to connect all the hidden threads between some characters and build the vocal evolution of others. This badass book will vaporize everything you think you know about sci-fi tropes.

RUBICON by @jsdewes 🙏 produced by @elishiasbooks.n.bobs 🙏 @macmillan.audio engineered by @canyonsilliman 🙏 @irvingg_recording 🙏 @oralli 🙏 @jenblom_vo 🙏 this one took a village!

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: https://bit.ly/3k3QNcL



Sergeant Adriene Valero wants to die.

She can't.

After enduring a traumatic resurrection for the ninety-sixth time, Valero is reassigned to a special forces unit and outfitted with a cutting-edge virtual intelligence aid. They could turn the tide in the war against intelligent machines dedicated to the assimilation, or destruction, of humanity.

When her VI suddenly achieves sentience, Valero is drawn into the machinations of an enigmatic major who’s hell-bent on ending the war—by any means necessary.







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