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Rubicon ARC Review

So grateful for this wonderful early review of Rubicon! 😍🐶 Thanks so much to @readingbeagle for taking the time to read & review! 🥰 #Repost from @readingbeagle ・・・ We like J.S. Dewes a lot, so we were very excited to read this book. And wow, it delivered!! Humans are fighting sentient robots intent on destroying them. When soldiers die, they’re brought back to life in new bodies over and over again. You get a real sense of the weariness of the main character. So many deaths. So many new bodies. So much trauma from the rebirth experience. She’s transferred to a new assignment, which comes with new toys and a virtual intelligence implanted in her brain. Of course, there’s so much more going on than she realizes. The story grabs you immediately with intense action. Throughout the whole book, the action scenes are gripping. But this is military sci fi with heart. The characters are fantastic- the friendships, the camaraderie. The main character, especially, grows so much over the course of the story. Her AI came to be one of our favorite characters. This book is so good. It’s stay up too late, can’t stop reading, don’t want to put it down good. And THE END. We finished the book and can’t stop thinking about it. Please let this have a sequel! We absolutely recommend this. Loved it. Five stars. Two paws up. Can everyone who likes science fiction please start reading books by J.S. Dewes? It comes out March 28. Thank you to Tor Books and NetGalley for my copy. . . . . . #rubicon #jsdewes #torbooks #torpublishing #netgalley #militaryscifi #militarysciencefiction #scifibook #scifibooks #scifireader #sciencefictionbook #sciencefictionbooks #readthisbook #bookrec #arcreview #netgalleyreview #fivestarread #greatbook #bookstagram #bookrecommendation #dogsandbooks #booksanddogs #scifi @torbooks @jsdewes


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