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Reading Quest » The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

You ever stay up way too late reading, then force yourself not to look at the clock before you go to bed because you think you might be able to trick your brain into not realizing how little sleep you’re about to get???

That was basically my entire experience with The Dreamers—I haven’t read a book so fast in a long time.

I loved The Age of Miracles, it was one of those books that just sticks with you—still, many many years after the fact, I think about it regularly. So I was really excited to see what The Dreamers had to offer, and it did not disappoint.

As a writer I also feel like I learned a lot. Very little “happens,” yet it’s still incredibly compelling—the characters are very much what drives you through.

And the author wields present tense in a way that makes me actually kind of love it somehow?? It just feels properly “in the moment,” whereas it seems present tense can often feel like you could just swap the verbs and it’d be past tense which makes it just heavy and awkward to read, so it’s like what’s the point?? Idk, I’m tired 😅

My sleep time may have suffered (which is very ironic considering the plot of the book 😂) but it served as a much needed reminder of how important it is to read outside your genre on occasion. (Yes, it’s science fiction BUT IT’S ALSO CONTEMPORARY so leave me aloneeeee.)

Anyways, it’s a quick and easy read (and if I’m saying that you know it’s true because I’m super slow). I would highly recommend checking it out! It’s super light on the sci-fi, so it’d be especially great for readers who might want to try dipping their toes into speculative fiction without feeling overwhelmed *ahem* @sammm_stagram *ahem* 😊📚


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