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Rake & Cav's BFF Jams Playlist

As promised, another playlist for The Last Watch (& The Exiled Fleet)! This one features tunes that inspired/informed and/or reflect Rake & Cav’s friendship. 🎶🚀

Fair warning, this playlist is all over the place, just like my brain & and my taste in music, so I make no promises that I can explain the existence of any one single song on here. It’s a direct reflection of the disaster that is my brain. 🙃 Because of its randomness, I did attempt to put them in some kind of logical order. Just FYI. By all means shuffle if you desire. You do you.

(And yes, I realize some of these are ““”love songs””” or whatever, but I strongly believe they can be interpreted platonically & I will Die on This Hill. As with fiction, there’s just not enough heartfelt music about platonic relationships its not my fault okayyyy.)

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