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New Patreon Short Story » The Sentinel Archives: Emery Flos

👀 My first short story just went live on Patreon! 🎉

The Sentinel Archives is a short story series set in The Divide universe. Each story will follow one of the side characters & the events that got them posted at the Divide!

First up is cheery gum-chomping hooligan Emery Flos, or as my beta reader described her: “gross little hellion punk kid.” 🤘🍬

Really excited to share this—it’s not only my first short story of the series, but my first short story EVER! (Honestly in a lot of ways felt harder than writing a novel, not gonna lie lol 😅)

If you haven’t already, come check out the tiers over on Patreon. There’s something for everyone including:

✨ Bonus graphics (ship diagrams, posters, maps)

✨ Writing resources

✨ Behind-the-scenes looks

✨ Discord shenanigans

✨ Aesthetics & playlists

✨ And of course, short stories!

✨ A wiki is coming soon!


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