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Instagram Followers Milestone!

🎉 Thank you all for joining me on my author journey! 🎉

Celebrating 500 followers over on my Instagram! If you haven't already, follow me over on Instagram!


For anyone who’s new, hi! I’m Jenny, writing as J.S. Dewes. I write character-driven science fiction/space opera, typically featuring soldiers, rebellious/unsanctioned behavior, found family, and a healthy dose of snark & shenanigans. 🚀✨

By day I’m a video producer, animator, and editor, and when I have time outside of writing (🤣) I enjoy playing video games, volleyball, drawing, and scrolling Pinterest & Art Station. I love space, geology, maps, art books, thunderstorms. I live in Madison, WI with my hubs + our three amazing fur balls, Arya, Sylvanas, and Ember. 🐶🐶🐈

My debut novel THE LAST WATCH comes out April 20 from Tor Books, and its sequel THE EXILED FLEET will follow on August 17! Both are available for pre-order now in paperback, ebook, and audiobook, anywhere books are sold! 📚🎉

Pre-order: jsdewes.com/thelastwatch/macmillan

Goodreads: jsdewes.com/thelastwatch/goodreads

NetGalley: jsdewes.com/thelastwatch/netgalley

If we haven't had a chance to connect directly, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments! 🙌😊


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