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2021 Worldcon Incoming (aka DisCon III)

First Worldcon membership! Feels like a right of passage. 🚀✨

Here’s hoping the world hasn’t fully imploded by next August, and I actually get to go. 🤞

Feeling very lucky it’s taking place in the US my debut year, not that I would have minded getting to go somewhere like Dublin like in recent years, but it’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper to get to DC. 😅

Also, fangirling a liiiiittle bit because I just saw that John Harris is a guest of honor!!! 🤩 I loved his art before I even knew it was used for sci-fi covers. I have very few author bucket list items, but John Harris as a cover artist is definitely one of them.

Have you ever attended a Worldcon? Or considering next year? Or holding out to see if we’re knee-deep in apocalypse by then?


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